Welcome to WhaleBlubber, a chronicle of my experiences with all things technology related. It is more a personal reference, but if you find something you like feel free to explore. Why WhaleBlubber? Because it doesn’t mean anything. The site doesn’t have any specific focus except that it’s a place for me to record and remember what I’ve done and how I did it. Inside you’ll find articles covering various topics, mostly in a how-to style.

WhaleBlubber Site News

This site is currently under construction. Don’t be surprised if things move about or disappear entirely. Eventually I’ll get around to completing the layout and making it look prettier, but for now that isn’t a top priority as the content is what matters to me. I’m putting off layout design for now as I’ve owned whaleblubber.ca for years and I’m toying with the idea of switching to something new. As far as content goes, I’ll try to post a couple articles a month, but eventually I’d like to get on a weekly publishing schedule. This should both fill the site with content and make me more productive in learning and doing new things.